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East Grinstead Ladies and Mens Indoor Squads achieve a historic double, winning both Indoor Super 6s Titles in February 2016

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Thankyou to

the EGHC family

For supporting our performance teams

From EG to GB

With "continuity of coaching" across both our Junior Section and our EGHC Academy, we can provide the best environment for enthusiasts to maximise their enjoyment and progress their hockey !

EG to GB
Thankyou EG Supporters
East Grinstead Hockey Club's vision is to be a performance club with core family values while being a responsible member of the hockey family and of our own local community.
Ladies and Mens 1st Teams

Striving to deliver results and performance at elite levels.

Grass Roots
Juniors & Academy

Developing new talent and hockey enthusiasts from aged 4 upwards.

Sport for All
2s to 5s, Veterans & Back2Hockey

A family environment and hockey for all levels including those returning after years away.

Outreach, Partnership

Connecting sport, business, education and community.

East Grinstead Hockey Club is based at East Grinstead Sports Club in Saint Hill near East Grinstead.  Our objective is to balance grass roots, sport for all and elite performance. Founded in 1897, EGHC fields several Mens and Ladies sides, vets teams and Junior sides. Welcoming youngsters from the age of 5 onwards, we provide Junior coaching on Sunday mornings as well as through the week as youngsters progress. The club is run by volunteers and greatly appreciates the support of numerous local business partners and sponsors.


The EGHC Academy is part of EGHC and forms the basis of our developing outreach programmes to benefit hockey in our area.  The EGHC Academy only operates at East Grinstead Hockey Club and is the only academy linked to EGHC.


100 Club rules – 25/07/18 .v4

East Grinstead Hockey Club 200 Club Rules

Small Society Lottery. £10.00 p.c.m.

*Where there is maximum of £20K in tickets sales per draw. i.e. per *month.Maximum aggregate annual turnover £250,000.00 

*Lines to be deleted on publication to ticketholders.


1: The name of the draw is the East Grinstead Hockey Club 200 Club, regardless of the number of members. Hereafter referred to as “The Lottery”.

2: The objective of the Lottery is to raise funds for East Grinstead Hockey Club Elite. Hereafter called ‘The Club’. The Club is based at: Saint Hill Sports Club, Saint Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex.

3: The Lottery will be administered by The Competition Secretary appointed by the Executive Committee of The Club. Applications for participation in the Lottery shall be made to The Competition Secretary.

4: The Lottery will be open to anybody aged 18 or over. Tickets will be sequentially numbered from 1 onwards. Participants are entitled to hold any number of Tickets. A purchaser of a Ticket becomes a participant in the Lottery and will become a social member of The Club enjoying the normal privileges of that class of membership. Once a numbered Ticket has been allocated it cannot be changed or transferred within the competition.

5: The Lottery will be run in periods of one year, commencing in September, providing a minimum of 21 Tickets have been allocated by the date of the first draw in any given year. If fewer than 21 Tickets have been issued, the competition will not be run that year. If the Lottery does not run then any amounts received in respect of that year’s Lottery will be refunded.

The first draw will be on the 3rd Monday in September and monthly thereafter on the 3rd Monday. The draw will be made using an automatic random number generator or other such means as The Competition Secretary deems appropriate. All participants are entitled to attend the draws, which must be held in the presence of at least 3 members of The Club committee. In the event of multiple draws taking place at one time, numbers will be drawn for the monthly competition first, followed by the Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual draws in that order.

6: The number of Tickets in the Lottery shall in the first instance be limited to 200 and each Ticket shall be allocated a unique number. The Competition Secretary will confirm the number of each participant’s allocated Ticket/s by e-mail.

7: The subscription for each Ticket is £10 per month payable in advance by credit/debit card or standing order, possibly £120.00 annually in advance by Card or Cheque (made payable to EGHC 200 Club). Entry into the draw will be on completion of payment of the monthly subscription by either method.

8: At least 20% of the total monthly subscriptions will be donated to The Club. Draws be held on the following basis:

  21 to 39 40 to 80 81 to 200
Monthly draws of: 30 50 100
Quarterly draws of: 75 100 200
Bi-annual draws of: 100 150 500
Annual End of Season Draw of: 1,060 1,800 4,000

9: The winner of each draw will be notified by e-mail. Winners will be contacted by The Competition Secretary as soon as possible after the draw and paid to the winner by the same method as the ticket was paid for by. Or a cheque will be sent to the last known address held by The Competition Secretary. It is the responsibility of the participant to advise The Competition Secretary of any change of address. Any prize cheque not cashed within 6 months will be deemed as a donation to The Club. A list of prize winning numbers for each draw will be published on The Club website, in the Grinner, and also on The Club notice board.

10: The Competition Secretary will not pay a prize to any Participant other than the purchaser of a winning ticket.

11: No Lottery participant will be included in the draw if the subscription for that month has not been received. It is the responsibility of each Participant to make sure they have paid their subscription. The Competition Secretary reserves the right to reallocate any number where payment has not been received for a period of 3 months.

12: Under no circumstances will any subscription be refunded except as detailed in point 5. If a participant wishes to withdraw from the Lottery they can only do so at the end of each year and will advise The Competition Secretary accordingly. Ticketholder withdrawal during the year will not create any refund of any monies already paid.

13: The management of the Lottery shall be vested in the Executive Committee of The Club, whose decision shall be final in any matter requiring adjudication. The Executive Committee shall have power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion. The rules of the Lottery will be available via The Club website and any changes will be notified to Participants via The Club website.

14: The Lottery’s accounts will be available for inspection on request to the Treasurer of The Club.   All surplus income over expenditure shall be donated to East Grinstead Hockey Club Elite.

15: The Lottery is intended to be a Private Society Lottery under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005.


These Rules were adopted at a meeting of the East Grinstead Hockey Club Committee on: 

 __/__/____ .

Saint Hill Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4JU
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Weekly Club-Wide Training Schedule