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East Grinstead Hockey Club Launches Hockey Academy

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Dear Members and Friends of East Grinstead Hockey Club,


You will all have become aware over the last few hours and days that EGHC is in the process of launching its own Hockey Academy.  We're very excited about this new development.  It has long been felt that a club with the ambitions of EGHC should have its own academy as our vision is about Elite, Grass Roots and Sport for All for boy and girls / men and women.

An important principle with The Academy is that it is truly an EGHC Academy.  That means EGHC is involved in leading it, defining its strategy, and in conducting the day and residential academies.  Our branding has the words "East Grinstead Hockey Club" and so it is clear that we need to be true to the values and philosophies of East Grinstead Hockey Club, as well as our partner, Worth School.  This means we want to encourage more youngsters to play with the philosophy that EG does, and that we are looking to play our role in building more hockey skills in our area - being a better member of the hockey family.


The members and friends of EGHC - you all - are an inspiring group of people.  In the past decade the club has achieved alot through its members, volunteers, sponsors and friends.

  • In 2005, around the same time London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games, the Mens 1st team regained its Premier League Status
  • Soon after, the Ladies 1st team began their journey towards National League status which they achieved in 2013
  • The men have achieved incredible Indoor success
  • The Ladies have reached their first national Indoor final and are competing Indoor at the same level as the Men
  • Our Girls U18 have reached multiple national finals and learned what it feels like to win
  • Our minis have participated in and won numerous mini tournaments
  • Our Junior Section has grown
  • Our coaching has improved and our ambition to continue to improve it continues to grow
  • We became the first and only British Club to host the Euro Hockey League in October 2012
  • We became the first British Club to host the Euro Hockey Indoor Club Champions Cup in February 2014
  • We replaced our pitch in 2013, and have made improvements to the club facilities


Of course, there are many more things we need to work on, but we should be pleased with the progress we are making.


The committee and volunteer group owes it to the membership to continue to create an environment where members can be individually and collectively successful, and where our next generation can do the same, and the ones after that.


The EGHC Hockey Academy is a big piece of our strategy; it will benefit the members, teams, the club and hockey enthusiasts in our region.  It will benefit schools and hopefully other clubs in our region as well.  It will be a part of the puzzle that enables us to compete at every level, to invest in the club to improve financial sustainability and to improve our core offering to members.


You can stay up to date with the academy as follows:   and then choose academy from the menu bar along the top


Please like and follow so we can make this the success that EGHC needs it to be !


Thankyou to the members and friends of EGHC for helping make the above things happen; lets see if we can make the next step in our journey with a strong, vibrant and thriving EGHC Hockey Academy !


Posted on behalf of EGHC Committee