Introducing Rosario Villagra to EGHC Ladies 1st Team Setup


As mentioned a few weeks ago, Rosario Villagra will soon be joining EG from Argentina.  She joins EG after a season with Beeston in the Conference which led to a promotion; now Ro returns to England to play for EG with an interesting match against her former team within the first couple of weeks of the season; read on... 

 Rosario, welcome to EG !  What can you tell us about some of your most treasured hockey memories ?

I have played hockey since I was 6 years old so it has definitely given me some of the best moments of my life.  It has taught me lessons and values that allowed me to make many memorable moments in my life and to share them with the people that I love the most.  The most treasured one is winning The Argentina National League with my home club in 2012.  At that time I was playing in the US, so I traveled back home to play that tournament.  We had been undefeated champions of the local league for years, so what we needed was one national championship.  That year we won our first senior one for the club and the best thing is that I got to experience it with my best friends.  We repeated this achievement the year after and since that we have been top 5 every year.  Another amazing one was being able to be part of the Argentina U21; I will never forget that moment and what it meant for me to achieve something I wanted since I started playing.  While playing in America in 2013, I was awarded offensive player of the year, I will never forget the great team I had around to make it possible for me to get this award. 

Rosario Villagra

 Can you tell us something about your home club; what's special about it and what will you miss ?

My home club is located in Salta, the North of Argentina so we get to experience amazing warm weather throughout the year.  This means we get to enjoy the swimming pool after training sessions; it is a great way to socialize inside the club and I will definitely miss it !  I will also miss the summer tournaments the club organizes, we normally get teams from all around Argentina to join and the environment makes it very fun and competitive.  I will of course miss my teammates and friends from the club, and my family coming to watch my games. 

Rosario Villagra

 Can you share something about your experiences playing in the US, England and Argentina ?

It was amazing to be able to play in three different countries.  I have made friends from different nationalities and I have learned a lot from all of them.I have played and studied in Old Dominion University in America for four years with a sports scholarship.  This experience has given me not only my degree but also the discipline and hard work I needed to be able to compite at a high level and also work on my degree.  It was very tough, American hockey is very physical and mental, a second you miss in your training running sessions is a second you add to your teammates who then have to do extra.  It has taught me to always hold myself and other accountable.  As I said, it was hard but I never got so much satisfaction as in those 4 years.

England has been fantastic to me as well, I always say that it is my second home.  Not only hockey I loved from this country, but the great social life I had the year living in England.  It is the combination of both that made my stay very balanced.  I am very grateful for the opportunities I was given in this country, starting with Beeston and now with East Grinstead.

And lastly Argentina, it is a fun place to play.  The tournament is very competitive and skillful, it is fun to play and also watch.  Sometimes it lacks structure due to the free style of play of each player which makes it very entertaining.

I am very happy to be able to combine what I have learned from each country, and I am looking forward to learn even more at East Grinstead! 

Rosario Villagra

What are you looking forward to the most about East Grinstead ? 

I am looking forward to play the Investec Womens Hockey League with new teammates and coaches.  I also look forward to assist with coaching the junior section and to meet all those future stars !  I am very excited about this new challenge and can't wait to be there !

Rosario Villagra
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