Not long now until the big day!


Yes, there's just a few days left until the EGHC Christmas Mixed 7's Tournament, on the 28th December! Click through for more details...

​With just over a week to go until the return of the Christmas Mixed 7's tournament, we're busy making the final arrangements.

Thanks to all those who've confirmed their attendance so far, if you haven't yet, all are welcome, and to help us with sorting things out, if you are planning on coming, please either confirm via the event listed on Teamo, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The day will start at 10am with registration and team allocations. As teams will be decided on the morning, can players please bring both light and dark playing shirts.

Entry is £5 per player, payable on the day. 

Hockey will commence from 1030, half pitch 7-a-side games, 20 minutes 1 way.

Subject to numbers, hockey should finish by around 1400, to be followed by presentations and a social in the clubhouse.

Due to reduced opening hours over the holiday period, the club will be closing at 1700.


1.Squads will consist of a maximum of TEN players.

2.Each team shall consist of SEVEN players, comprising three on-field men, three on-field ladies, and a fully kitted goalkeeper of either sex.

3.Rolling substitutes will be permitted at any time during the tournament.

4.The first named team will have choice of ends.

5.The second named team will start the match and will change strip in the event of a colour clash.

6.Tournament will be played as a single round-robin group, decided on a points basis, however the format may be adjusted to include play-off games for final positions.

7.The duration of all games will be 20 minutes one-way, with centralized timing.

8.In the group games, points will be awarded as follows:

a)Win 3 Points

b)Score Draw 2 Points

c)Draw 1 Point

9.A Santa's Little Helper card will be supplied to each team. Use of it will double the teams game points. The card can only be used once. The card must be handed to the umpire before the start of the game. Any points earned for the game will then be doubled.

10.Short corners must be struck by a female.

11.Positions of the teams within the groups will be decided in the following order:


b)Goals scored

c)Goals conceded

d)The result of the group match between the two teams

e)The toss of a coin

12.In the event of play-off games being played, and then ending in a draw, the result will depend on a penalty stroke competition, as follows:

a)Three men and two ladies from each team to alternately take one penalty stroke.

b)Should the score still remain level, then the same players will continue to penalty stroke, in the same order, on a sudden death basis.

13.In the event of a dispute, the tournament organiser's decision is final.

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