Results Week 5 - 13th14th October, & Week 6 - 20th/21st October

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Week 5
Played...12 Won...7 Drawn...1 Lost...4
For...28 Against...23
4 clean sheets for, 2 against...
2 hat-tricks...

Week 6
Played...10 Won...7 Drawn...2 Lost...1
For...36 Against...7
5 clean sheets for, 1 against...
2 hat-tricks...

Streaks... Wins - Badgers, 5, M4 4... Undefeated... Badgers 6, L3 5, L1 & L2 4...Clean sheets...M4 - 3
Random fact... week by week this season, clean sheets for - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
Milestone... Congratulations to Jack Huntington on his 50th senior goal...

Ladies 1st XI - Investec Women's Hockey League Premier Division.

East Grinstead 3-0 Slough (a)

Scorers – Sophie Bray 2, Ellie Rayer

East Grinstead 2-1 Holcombe (h)

Scorers – Jess Denniff, Rosario Villagra

Top Scorer – Sophie Bray, 4

League Position – 3rd (+2)

Last 5 games (most recent first) - WWDWL

Ladies 2nd XI - South Ladies League Division 2.

East Grinstead 1-0 Surbiton 3's (a)

Scorer – Charlotte Cremin

East Grinstead 3-0 Marlow 1's (h)

Scorers – Steph Blackwell, Helen Prinsloo, Coca Hall

Top Scorer – Autumn Bowden, 3

League Position – 3rd (+2)

Last 5 games - WWWD

Ladies 3rd XI - Sussex Ladies League Premier Division.

East Grinstead 3-2 Lewes 2's (a)

Scorers – Kirstie Beedle, Lily James, Tatiana Sneddon

East Grinstead 2-2 Mid Sussex 1's (h)

Scorers – Lottie Gregory-Young, Lucy Bingle-Williams

Top Scorer – Lottie Gregory-Young, 3

League Position – 4th (-1)

Last 5 games - DWDWW

Ladies 4th XI - Sussex Ladies League Division 2

East Grinstead 0-6 South Saxons 2's(a)

Scorers – n/a

East Grinstead 4-0 South Saxons 2's(a)

Scorers – Jemima Caldwell 2, Emily Turner, Hannah Portman

Top Scorers – Hannah Portman, Jemima Caldwell, 2

League Position – 11th (+1)

Last 5 games - WLLLL

Ladies Bluebirds - Sussex Girls Development League.

East Grinstead 3-0 Chichester Canons (a)

Scorers – Emma Wood, Emma Smyth, India Short

Top Scorers – Mae Sandman, 4

League Position – 6th (+1)

Last 5 games - WWLDD

Men's 1st XI - Men's Hockey League Premier Division

East Grinstead 1-3 Reading (a)

Scorer – Tijn van Groesen

East Grinstead 1-0 Holcombe (a)

Scorer – Simon Faulkner

Top Scorers – Chris Griffiths, Simon Faulkner, 2

League Position – 5th (=)

Last 5 games - WLLLW

Men's 2nd XI - Higgins London Hockey League Division 1

East Grinstead 2-4 Hampstead & Westminster 2's (a)

Scorer – Tamoor Abdullah 2

East Grinstead 0-2 London Wayfarers 2's (a)

Scorers – n/a

Top Scorers – James Mott, Jordan Torrilla, Callum Mitchell, Tamoor Abdullah 2

League Position – 9th (-4)

Last 5 games - LLWW

Men's 3rd XI - Sussex Open League Division 2

East Grinstead 0-4 South Saxons 3's (a)

Scorers – n/a

East Grinstead 1 – Brighton & Hove 5's

Scorer – Jon Brueton

Top Scorer – Fynn Jones, 4

League Position – 9th (-2)

Last 5 games - DLWL

Men's 4th XI - Sussex Open League Division 4

East Grinstead 6-0 Brighton & Hove 8's (h)

Scorers – Jack Huntington 3, Andy Portman, James McCammon, Josh Barrott

East Grinstead 16-0 Chichester 6's (a)

Scorers – Hamish Cunningham 5, Jack Huntington 4, Bailey Hicks 2, Robert Canepa-Anson 2, James McCammon, Charley Tucknott, Will Thomas

Top Scorer – Hamish Cunningham 15

League Position – 2nd (+1)

Last 5 games – WWWWL

Men's Vets - Higgins London League Veterans Division 1

East Grinstead 4-2 Hampstead & Westminster Vets (a)

Scorers – Mike Holland 1, Phil Coote, Julian Mogg. Jamie Doherty

East Grinstead 2-1 Reading Rustlers (h)

Scorers – Mike Holland, Julian Mills

Top Scorer – Mike Holland, 4

League Position – 1st (+3)

Last 5 games - WWW

Men's Saints – Higgins London League Veteran Division 2

East Grinstead 1-1 Richmond Vets (h)

Scorer – Mike Barrott

Top Scorer – Mike Barrott - 1

League Position – 8th (+2)

Last 5 games - LL

Men's Badgers - Sussex Boys Development League

East Grinstead 4-1 South Saxons Arrows (a)

Scorers – Alex Harley 3, Doug Collingwood

Match Report:

For the majority of the game this was a very tight game, George Collingwood and Charlie Lewis marked out the older South Saxon player (later carded for trying to get a bit close to our players) which allowed others to play. Doug Collingwood bagged his first goal with a little pinball on the near post. In the last 20 mins we stepped up the pressure and Alex Harley notched up a hat-trick to seal the game. Notable performance from Finn on the left side for a mature game out of normal position and George on the left wing.

Mike Lewis

East Grinstead 5-0 Hailsham Millers

Scorers – Tommy Sheeran 2, Thomas Hart, Ned Rowland

Top Scorer – Tommy Sheeran, 5

League Position – 2nd (=)

Last 5 games – WWWWW

​Ladies Leading Scorers;

1=. Mae Sandman, Lily James, Sophie Bray, 4

4=. Sienna Mogg, Autumn Bowden, Lottie Gregory-Young, 3

​Men's Leading Scorers;

1. Hamish Cunningham, 15

2. Jack Huntington, 11

3. Tommy Sheeran, 5

4=. Callum Mitchell, Fynn Jones, Mikey Holland, 4

Junior Team Results

Under 16 Boys EH Cup Tier 1 vs Sevenoaks 3-3 draw

As both u14s and u16s had been beaten last year this was always going to be a tough game which it certainly proved itself.

Not often a draw feels like a win but this one certainly did.

Well done all the boys who contributed in a fast, open and at times very technical game. Seb Walton was outstanding and led the players in term of work rate and commitment. Captain Fynn Jones, Hamish Cunningham and Tomasz Morris showed the boys how to impact on a game.

From the younger players Charlie Tucknott scored another vital goal, Rhys was excellent in his tackling and recovery work, Charlie Lewis ran every forward down and linked well. Not only that Oscar Vaughan stepped up from the u14s to be our keeper! Proud coach day.

​Under 14 Girls EH Cup Tier 2;

East Grinstead 0-4 Sevenoaks

East Grinstead 0-2 Woking

Results Week 7 - 27th/28th October & Week 8 - 3rd/...
Results Week 4 - 6th / 7th October

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