Results Week 7 - 27th/28th October & Week 8 - 3rd/4th November

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Week 7
Played...8 Won...6 Drawn...1 Lost...1
For...28 Against...10

Week 8
Played...12 Won...8 Drawn...2 Lost...2
For...37 Against...16

Badgers unbeaten streak continues, now at 8, with 7 straight wins...
Ladies 2's are at 6 unbeaten, with 5 straight wins...
Bluebirds haven't conceded a goal in 3 straight matches...
Mikey Holland has now scored in 4 consecutive league matches...

5 teams kept clean sheets again in week 8, bringing the club season total to 22 in 73 games...

Hat-tricks (plus); Mikey Holland with 5 goals for the Vets, Jemima Caldwell for the Ladies 4's

Senior Team Results

Ladies 1st XI - Investec Women's Hockey League Premier Division.

East Grinstead 1-0 Clifton (h)

Scorer – Lucy Holder

East Grinstead 5-0 Canterbury (h)

Scorers – Ashlie Samra, Georgie Blackwood, Laura Unsworth, Bridget Blackwood, Jojo Blunt

Top Scorer – Sophie Bray, 4

League Position – 2nd (+1)

Last 5 games (most recent first) - WWWWD

Ladies 2nd XI - South Ladies League Division 2.

East Grinstead 3-1 Trojans 2's (a)

Scorers – Autumn Bowden, Steph Blackwell, Remi Briggs

East Grinstead 2-1 Oxford 1's (h)

Scorer – Autumn Bowden 2

Top Scorer – Autumn Bowden, 6

League Position – 3rd (=)

Last 5 games - WWWWW

Ladies 3rd XI - Sussex Ladies League Premier Division.

East Grinstead 1-1 Brighton 3's (a)

Scorers – Lily James

East Grinstead 0-1 Crawley 1's (h)

Scorers – n/a

Top Scorers – Lottie Gregory-Young, Lily James 3

League Position – 5th (=)

Last 5 games - LDDWD

Ladies 4th XI - Sussex Ladies League Division 2

East Grinstead 1-2 Brighton 6's (h)

Scorers – tbc

East Grinstead 3-0 Mid Sussex 2's (h)

Scorer – Jemima Caldwell 3

Top Scorer – Jemima Caldwell, 5

League Position – 9th (+2)

Last 5 games - WLWLL

Ladies Bluebirds - Sussex Girls Development League.

East Grinstead 2-0 Eastbourne Chicks (h)

Scorers – Izzy Jeffery 2

Top Scorers – Mae Sandman, 4

League Position – 5th (+1)

Last 5 games - WWWLD

Men's 1st XI - Men's Hockey League Premier Division

East Grinstead 3-2 Sevenoaks (h)

Scorers – Liam Ansell, Simon Faulkner, Dom Bowden

East Grinstead 3-3 Brooklands (a)

Scorers – Simon Faulkner, Andy Piper, Samad Suleman

Top Scorer – Simon Faulkner, 4

League Position – 5th (=)

Last 5 games - DWWLL

Men's 2nd XI - Higgins London Hockey League Division 1

East Grinstead 4-2 Richmond 3's (h)

Scorer – Andy Piper 3, James Mott

East Grinstead 3-3 Wimbledon 3's (a)

Scorers – Andy Yiu 2, Tamoor Abdullah

Top Scorers – James Mott, Tamoor Abdullah, Andy Piper 3

League Position – 6th (+1)

Last 5 games - DWLLW

Men's 3rd XI - Sussex Open League Division 2

East Grinstead 5-1 Littlehampton 1's (a)

Scorers – Callum Mitchell, Tamoor Abdullah, Jon Brueton, Ollie Kirby, Josh Barrott

East Grinstead 7-0 Lewes 4's

Scorers – Fynn Jones 2, Hamish Cunningham 2, Ollie Kirby, Owen Mordecai, Finley Askew

Top Scorer – Fynn Jones, 6

League Position – 5th (+2)

Last 5 games - WWDLW

Men's 4th XI - Sussex Open League Division 4

East Grinstead 2-1 Crowborough 3's (a)

Scorers –Robert Canepa-Anson Elliott Guest

Top Scorer – Hamish Cunningham 15

League Position – 2nd (+1)

Last 5 games – WWWWW

Men's Vets - Higgins London League Veterans Division 1

East Grinstead 6-0 Epsom Vets (a)

Scorers – Mike Holland 5, Julian Mogg

Men's Vets – England Hockey Over 40's Masters Cup Tier 1

East Grinstead 2-6 Epsom Vets (a)

Scorers – Richard Payne, Jez Subedar

Top Scorer – Mike Holland, 9

League Position – 1st (=)

Last 5 games - LWWWW

Men's Saints – Higgins London League Veteran Division 2

No Games

Top Scorer – Mike Barrott - 1

League Position – 6th (=)

Last 5 games - DL

Men's Badgers - Sussex Boys Development League

East Grinstead 10-1 Horsham Hotsticks (a)

Scorers – Tommy Sheeran 2, Tom Burchell 2, Ollie MacLay 2, Charley Tucknott, Charlie Vickery. Thomas Hart, Finn Fenwick

Match Report;

It took a while for the passing game to get to a fluid point but it did and this was marked up as a 5-0 although we scored more.

Ollie at centre forward and Thomas on the right wing had great games as younger players , Charlie Tucknott, Tom Burchell and Ned Rowland had dominate games in midfield whilst Charlie Lewis and Arthur Thilo controlled the defense and launched attacks throughout the game.

Again we rolled lots of positions so that players can have good opportunity to try other positions and skills, a purposeful performance.

Mike Lewis

East Grinstead 2-1 Mid Sussex Colts

Scorers – Charley Tucknott, Reuben Gibson

Top Scorer – Tommy Sheeran, 7

League Position – 2nd (-1)

Last 5 games – WWWWW

​Ladies Leading Scorers;

1. Autumn Bowden, 6

2=. Lily James, Jemima Caldwell, 5

4=. Mae Sandman, Sophie Bray, 4

​Men's Leading Scorers;

1. Hamish Cunningham, 17

2. Mikey Holland, 9

3. Tommy Sheeran, 7

4. Fynn Jones, 6

5=. Callum Mitchell, Tamoor Abdullah, 5

Junior Team Results


U16B 5-4 Holcombe – Mercian League

Match Report;

Last year we had a gritty u14 game and this year was again a hard fought contest, culminating in a 5-4 win for a depleted team.

Thank you Chris Stevens who had a great game in goal, Tom Burchell (a great game in a holding role) and Luka Jones all stepping up to fill spaces. Without them there would have been no game.

The boys dug deep and it was soon evident that Holcombe were largely reliant on getting the ball to two very good strikers versus our more intricate passing game. The game swing both ways, some good enough finishing although we could have scored more from corners and circle penetrations. George Collingwood scored a great goal within a minute of the second half and at one point we were 4-1 up!

Holcombe fought back and the final goal for EG came in the last 10 mins. Josh Barrott and Ben Cleaver had excellent midfield displays, Fynn Jones played with assurance and a real maturity throughout the match. Tommy Sheehan ran endlessly and created opportunities for others throughout the game. Rhys Page, Felix and Charlie Lewis passed the ball well and worked really hard to chase down the ball throughout the game. A pleasure to coach on a cold day in Kent!

Mike Lewis

U14G 0-3 Epsom – Home Counties League


U14 Girls 3-7 Guildford – EH Cup Tier 2

U14 Boys 2-0 Horsham – EH Cup Tier 2

U14 Boys 0-3 Holcombe – EH Cup Tier 2

Results Week 9 - 10th/11th November
Results Week 5 - 13th14th October, & Week 6 - 20th...

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