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Did you know that EGHC Live Streams our Mens and Ladies matches on YouTube !?  Click through to learn how you can subscribe - ITS FREE - and how it supports hockey and the club !

EG first streamed live hockey on YouTube back in February 2014 when we hosted the Mens European Indoor Club Champions Cup.  It was a fantastic event which generated thousands of viewer hours and gave the opportunity for supporters of the 7 visiting sides - from Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Ukraine, France - to watch their sides from home.  However, being an indoor event, the technology was easier to manage.  Its taken us quite some time, but we re-ignited our streaming setup back on October 24th 2020 when we streamed our Ladies playing Birmingham University and our Men playing Beeston.  Both matches generated a lot of views and told us that this is something that could help grow the profile of the game.  A short virus intermission enabled us to put some new infrastructure in place at EG and to test.  Returning to action for the current 2021 / 2022 season and we have streamed all the Ladies and Mens' home matches from the first half of the 2021/2022 season.  We've had some good feedback and are working on some new features and are now  looking forward to the second half of the season !

Hockey is rarely on Television, so a few clubs are investing time, effort and resources, to build capabilities to increase the visibility and reach of the sport.  We are one of those clubs and we'd love our members to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and HIT THE BELL BUTTON !

What does this mean ?  First of all, its FREE.

1.  Go to YouTube and search for EastGrinsteadHockeyTV or click here:

2.  Click the Red SUBSCRIBE button

Your system may ask you to sign into your Google Account.  If you don't have one then get one !  They are also Free !

3.  Once you have subscribed, Click the Bell Button.  This ensures you will receive alerts when EG Livestreams are about to take place

4.  You will notice a list of upcoming LiveStreams with thumbnails; each one is a match between Feb 12th and April 3rd.  For each one you can click "SET REMINDER" and YouTube will remind you ahead of the stream.

Our Channel

Visit our channel to see some of the matches we have already streamed and to stay up to date with upcoming content.  Remember to LIKE things and please do subscribe.  Even better, SHARE with friends and family.

Channel Trailer 
Check out the trailer for EastGrinsteadHockeyTV 

We are keen to grow the number of subscribers and improve the professionalism of our channel.  Take a look at our trailer but also please take time to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

Upcoming LiveStreams

Both our teams - The Ladies and Mens 1st Teams - will be competing in the top 6 of the England Hockey Premier League during the second half of the season.  This means we will be hosting TEN Premier League Matches between Feb 12 and April 3.  They both return to action on Saturday February 12th with home games beginning at 16:00 and 18:00, hosting Wimbledon and Surbiton respectively.  

 LiveStreams are great for those that can't get to EG to watch in person, but for those that can, both our 1st Teams would hugely appreciate your support in the coming matches.  And of course, you might see yourself in the background on YouTube !!!

Happy 2022 !

England Hockey's "Super 6s" Returns This Weekend !
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