I joined the Club in 1959 aged 16 which was 58 years ago ! I started on the field in the 3rd X1 and then went into goal and within 2 years was in the 1st XI and also playing for Sussex. My Captain was Robert Watson without whom I would never had the career I did.

I played for Sussex over 50 times. I got selected Indoors for England in 1973 and had 31 caps, retiring in 1978. I then coached EG mens and Ladies teams over many years - the Mens 1st X1 were very successful winning the National Cup and in the top level of English Hockey. In 1988 Richard Leman, Ian Taylor and Robert Clift won Gold Medals at the Olympics in Soeul. At this time I was coaching also the Indoor team who won the National Championships and to this day continue to be at the top of the tree.

I was on the Hockey Association Executive Committee and in 1973 organised the first ever England Indoor Club Championship - which as it was by invitation for that year included East Grinstead !! I am also a Member of the Cricket Club and for 7 years was a member of the 6 person Development Sub Committee which was responsible for the ' New Ground ' at Saint Hill and the sale of the Cricket Ground. We met every week for 7 years and there were only 2 of us that were on the Committee from start to finish.

For a many years I was on the Hockey, Cricket and the Sports Club Committees. At National level I was coach to the England Indoor team, for 5 years - Director of PR and Media at the 1986 World Hockey Cup and in 1986 was given the National Hockey Award of Merit for services to the game.

Now a Vice President and proud of my son Giles who has taken over the goalkeeping and coaching and love of the Club from his ' old man'.