I joined EGHC in 1973 at the age of 22 having been invited to join by a friend of my father, Bernard Brown who was a VP until his death. I played my first season in the 4th XI as their goalkeeper.

The following season I played 1’s in the Kent league until we got promotion into the Regional League. From there EGHC went from strength to strength and ultimately into the National League. By this time I had reached an age in which I could play Vets Hockey and helped start our Vets.

From here I was lucky enough to win 5 National Over40 cups before retiring from playing in 2009. I gave up when the Osteopaths bills became to high.

During my time I was Fixture Secretary, Club Captain and Treasurer. I also was involved in the formation of East Grinstead Sports Club on which I served for a number of years before becoming the Chairman. I was lucky enough to be involved with the staging of both the European indoor and outdoor tournaments held at EG. This in turn got me invited to work with England Hockey to run the biggest Vets tournament ever held in UK with 120 teams from 15 countries. In 2015 I was asked to be EGHC Chairman for which I am greatly honoured.

When I first joined we had to do all those jobs we now take for granted, I have worked on the ground, cutting grass, marking out pitches and working on the drainage. We had to run the bar in the “Upturned Boat”. Decorate the clubhouse and run events. I made friends from when I joined until now even though we are scattered around the world.

I have been around for the ecstasy of winning National titles to the tragedy of death and have lost close friends. I now can claim three generations being involved with EGHC with both my daughter and granddaughter playing hockey.