Registration Open for Junior Memberships


We are now ready to accept membership subscriptions for the 2021/22 season for current EGHC Juniors. Every Junior member, defined by someone who is under the age of 18 and pays a Junior membership fee, must follow the process below.

To sign up and register, we have three simple steps to complete

1) Complete our online registration form

Every year we must collect information about our members, this is mainly for safety & compliance reasons and it is also useful to the club to enhance its offerings. We are always looking at solutions to minimise the effort for you and ensure we have all details securely accessible for the purpose of delivering safe hockey activities.

The best solution we have found is to use Microsoft Forms, which through our test runs takes an average of 4 minutes 34 seconds to complete for 2 children.

Please click here for the EGHC Junior Registration Form for 2021/22

2) Make a payment for membership on the club website, there are two options:

Pay for the season in full on this link: (1) Memberships – eghockey

There are a range of different discount options when paying in full, including discounts for families & goalkeepers with their own kit. These are outlined on the page with instructions on how to take advantage of them.

Spread the cost of the membership over 4 months, on this link: (1) Memberships Spread Payments – eghockey

The spread payment option is slightly more expensive as we incur transaction fees for each payment.

We also encourage anyone to whom for any reason either of these options might not be suitable, to contact our membership secretary Charlotte Keenan, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment arrangement will need to be made before your full registration is complete.

3) Check your junk email

Within a week of completing the registration form you will have received confirmation from our membership team that your membership process is complete.

If you do not receive this in your inbox, one of two things have happened:

  1. Our emails have gone in to your "junk" folder, please check
  2. You have entered your email address incorrectly in the form, if you have not received the confirmation email within a week, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And that's it!

More information will come out to everyone who has registered for next season during August. But other than that, you can kick back, relax, enjoy the summer and we will be smiling and ready to welcome you back on Sunday 5th of September.

Further information on the upcoming season can be found on the below links:

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